How many bedrooms can be built in 1250 square feet Plot Area?

(1250 - 2BHK) You get 2 bedrooms in 1250 sqft area.One can have a washroom attached and a common toilet.Drawing Room in the front. Open Concept Kichten with Dinning Area is latest trend.A Space for Puja can be as per your Requiements. 1 Car Parking all these Requiements can be easily planned for 1250sqft House in lucknow with Modern Elevation.

What documents are needed for approval for building construction?

Yes, We do Pepare Architectural Drawing for submission for development authority for your plot. Document Check List for Map Approval in Lucknow

  • Sales Deed/Gift Deed/Will Deed any other deed.
  • Architect/Engineer Registration Certificate.
  • Common Affidavit.
  • Mutation Document/Possession Letter.
  • Calculation Sheet of Estimate with Affidavit.

How do I select a builder for our house construction?

Checklist while selecting contractor for house construction:

  1. Experience in construction field
  2. Per Square Ft Charges
  3. Confirm Finish Fully Furnished or Semi - Furnished
  4. Ensure materials Quality
  5. Does Labour stays at site or not
  6. number of days for completion of house
  7. Proper Agreement for House Construction.
  8. Ask for previous jobs carried out.

What is the cost of the construction of a house?

The construction cost of a residential building per sq feet ranges from Rs.1445/- to Rs.2050/- (Inclusive of GST) in Lucknow, India. Let us consider, the built-up area of a house is 600 sqft. Cost Calculation: 600x1445= Rs. 8,67,000/- (Inclusive of GST for the first floor) The average cost to construct of a 600 sq ft of the house is Rs.8,67,00







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